Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

"You are contemplating some action which will bring credit upon you." - wisdom from a fortune cookie.

While I'm not necessarily looking for "credit," I have been contemplating an action for quite some time, namely adding videos on makeup, sewing, etc. to my youtube channel. I asked for, and received, a new Zoom video camera for Christmas (thanks to my awesome husband, Bart!). More recently, I've been contemplating starting a blog.

However, up until now, I haven't actually made any youtube videos or written any blogposts. Lame, I know. Isn't it strange how the fear of failure is so strong that many times it stops us from trying...therefore, we fail before we even begin? Sometimes it is hard to push through that insecurity and step out...

Well, this is the week! Though conceived much later, the blog is starting earlier (you're reading it now, by the way... ;-) ). AND... my first youtube video will be up within the week! I'll keep you all posted on that, of course!

My purpose here is multi-layered. Primarily, I'm in need/want of a creative outlet. Writing being one of my first passions, blogging seems like a natural venue for this. Secondly, I hope to pass along some tips, tutorials, and info regarding some of my other passions: makeup, sewing/clothing deconstruction/reconstruction, hairstyling, etc. I'll probably also include a LOT of random stuff about my life: anecdotes about life with small children, music I love, poetry, food, quotes, etc.

Without resorting to "Successories," (those awful, pseudo-inspirational sayings most often found on executive gifts and large, framed portraits of eagles soaring above snow-capped mountain peaks) I also hope to encourage you all, make you smile sometimes, and in some small way, inspire you to find your own creative outlet, be it words, music, art, etc. Do whatever makes you feel as if you've contributed to LIFE today!

I'm planning on adding a bit of "wisdom" from my "fortune cookie fortune collection" (yes, I have one!) to each blog. I have dozens of fortunes I've saved over the years. I keep them in a cute bowl in my kitchen. Each one made me smile, made me think, or simply motivated me. Today I'm going to include an extra one, in addition to the one above:

"Joy comes from adventure today. Time to shake the world."

Shake the world today, everybody!!!! (Even if it is just your own tiny world at home with your two little children. ;-) )

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  1. Your first blog is great! I am glad you got started because it is so true that fear keeps one from even starting something one would like to do. Kudos to you! I am looking forward to all your blogs.