Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looking hot when it's HOT! Summer wedding edition...

"You like sunshine and fresh air." - Fortune Cookie Fortune of the Day

Not a fortune really...but it was inside my fortune cookie, nonetheless! And it's true; I do love sunshine and fresh air...who doesn't? However, too much sunshine and fresh air, particularly if that air is hot and humid, can cause major makeup meltdown! In this week's youtube video, I show you a look that is very subtle and hot weather-friendly, yet special enough to wear to an occasion such as an outdoor wedding.

And while you're are a few key tips for hot weather makeup:

1. Don't overdo it with powder. It seems like mopping up sweat and oil from your face by reapplying powder throughout the day would be helpful. It is actually counterproductive as it tends to cake up on your face and look like a mask. It also settles into fine lines for those of you (us!) that have them. Not good! Use blotting papers instead.

2. Keep all of your makeup (eyes, cheeks, lips) in the same color family and keep everything fairly neutral and natural. You want to make the effects of sweating much less noticeable, as opposed to wearing heavy, dark makeup and having it melt off in an obvious way. You don't want to leave an event looking completely different from when you arrived there!

3. Think shimmer and not sparkle. Keep glitter to a minimum, but if all of your makeup has a slight shimmer to it, it will all blend nicely together should a meltdown happen.

Check out Part 2 of the youtube tutorial for additional tips!


  1. I am definitely your follower who appreciates this post the most, living in the tropics! :) Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Anytime you need me to send you a care package of blotting papers to Honduras, you just say the word, my friend! :-)

  3. Thank you!! They are fun to wear and actually pretty comfortable, too!