Friday, February 3, 2012

A Budget-Friendly Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes...And an Even MORE Budget-Friendly Way to Store Your Makeup Brushes!

I saw these super cute cardboard baskets in the dollar section of Target the other day, and thought they would be perfect for storing makeup brushes. Target has several patterns available, if the black and white print isn't your thing. Just add rice to the basket and voilĂ ! You have an inexpensive makeup brush holder! Only $ can't beat that!

Or can you??? Here's the makeup brush holder I was using prior to purchasing the cardboard baskets at Target.

This one was FREE! Well, I paid a couple of dollars for the Chinese take-away soup that came in it, but after a thorough washing, the container worked GREAT for storing brushes. If you can't afford, or can't find, a suitable decorative container for storing your brushes, there's nothing wrong with a little creative repurposing courtesy of your local Chinese restaurant!


  1. What a clever idea! I think I'd swing for the $1 cute basket at Target :)

  2. Thanks! Yes, I splurged for 3 of the $1 baskets. I use the third one to store my daily facial care products. They even have a cute little ribbon handle that could be attached to the wall, if one chose to do so. I thought about getting the pink floral ones and attaching them to the wall for my daughter's socks, hair accessories, etc.

  3. Those are so cute! GREAT IDEA!